Skin Care in Santa Clarita

Skinartistry of Santa Clarita offers micropigmentation and cosmetic tattoo and anti aging skin care

Micropigmentation, commonly known as permanent makeup, is the process of inserting colored pigment just beneath the skin's surface. Only the finest single use needles are employed to avoid and ensure no possibility of contamination.

Micropigmentation procedures improve self confidence by enhancing one's own natural beauty. They also save precious time, energy, and money. These procedures often greatly benefit the elderly, those with disabilities, those who have vision problems, cancer survivors, patients with alopecia, cerebral palsy, macular degeneration and many other medical conditions. They are used as scar camouflage. These procedures make it possible and easier for people to have the polished look they want daily without the fuss.

Micropigmentation is the ideal choice for active women to look great even while participating in athletic activities, water activities or simply working or being outdoors. 

Micropigmentation is used to modify and rejuvenate the face quickly and easily without surgery; it is used to camouflage the appearance of scars or to to cover up sparse or bald patches of hair. 

All procedures are performed with the use of various topical anesthetics, making them virtually pain free and stress free.